Quality Assurance

American Softech Consulting provides software testing services, software quality assurance services, load testing services, and application performance management services that enable companies to manage the risks inherent in developing and deploying complex systems. Our Testing Team specialize in development and implementation of software testing services, performance management solutions, and test methodologies for Operations Directors, and Quality Assurance Managers who need to save time, reduce costs, and maximize quality. We have experience and many satisfied customers who have benefited from our ability to provide a rapid return on investment in our Quality Assurance services.

American Softech Consulting provides software testing services at our customers’ sites or remotely from our offices in Dallas, Texas, and New Delhi India.

Test Planning

American Softech provides test planning designed to meet clients' needs from acceptance test design through full life cycle strategic quality plans. With the understanding of products at a technical level, American Softech can successfully plan for optimal investment in testing.

Testing is a critical function performed by American Softech. There are an infinite number of possible tests for any software product, so the trick isn't to run all the tests. American Softech QA team will help select a set of tests to provide the information the organization needs. The level of test planning can be balanced with the resources available for testing and the organization's requirements for the information provided by testing.

Test Automation Architectures

American Softech Consulting provides test automation to meet today's business and technical reality. Although automated software testing has been done for decades, software test automation efforts still frequently fail for numerous reasons. Most automated tests require fixing or complete replacement as soon as the release goes out. The key to good return on automation investments is through understanding what test automation can and can't do, planning for test automation, and engineering the automated tests. Most failed test automation initiatives would not have started if a realistic return on investment had been known.

A critical component in automated software testing is the architecture of the test environment. The architecture describes the elements involved in automated testing and the relationships between the elements. Both the test automation mechanisms and the automated test scripts are programs, so successful software test automation needs to apply the same discipline as other development efforts. American Softech successfully designs and directs implementation of automation architectures and automated software tests.

Tactical Planning for Software Quality

Tactical planning identifies how different elements are applied to result in high quality software at a reasonable cost. American Softech provides tactical planning for quality by combining a high level understanding of the product, organizational priorities, and practical alternatives. Ultimately, tactical planning results in an optimal use of resources, emphasizing obtaining high quality information and products without undue overhead, redundant efforts, or wasted time. American Softech successfully generates and administers such quality assurance and testing plans.

Life Cycle Design

Many software development approaches are available. Each project has its own set of technical, managerial, and customer requirements and constraints. Although there may be multiple approaches that might be successful, there are many more that are likely to lead to frustration and failure. The software development life cycle(s) must take into account the specific project characteristics, and then be designed to maximize the project's likelihood for success. American Softech believes the right development approach significantly improves the quality of the delivered software and minimizes the time it takes to develop it. From a handful of basic software development life cycle models, American Softech has formulated dozens of different processes that have been successfully used to create software, ranging from micro-code, operating systems, and embedded systems, to desktop publishing packages and financial applications.

Test Strategies

American Softechcombines analysis of risk with test alternatives to identify effective and efficient test strategies. Software test plans can be as brief as one page models of the software being tested (diagrams, tables, etc.), or as complex as detailed, repeatable, auditable, step-by-step, acceptance procedures. Over-planning, under-planning, or over-documenting leads to wasted efforts and disappointment. Therefore, the amount and form of test documentation is created to match the organizations' and customers' requirements. Test tactics are planned to optimize the time, money, and efforts.

Strategic Planning For Quality

American Softech recognizes the value of identifying and documenting basic approaches to quality at the start of a project. However, it's never too late to articulate a quality strategy. Last minute catastrophes can be avoided by thinking through the tools, techniques, and resources that best fit the project. This, coupled with getting prior agreement among the participants opens the pathway to success. Planning the strategy requires a combination of understanding of management priorities, project goals, and the technology and techniques available to produce good quality software. This knowledge and experience in comparable businesses is available as a resource. Hiring outside expertise for short periods provides the advantages of getting current industry knowledge at a far lower cost than having such an expert on staff full time.

Determination of Quality Needs

Managers are frequently aware that improvements are necessary, without having the knowledge, tools, experience, or time to properly evaluate, plan, and implement them. American Softech can provide timely analysis of organizational strengths and weaknesses, and can make realistic recommendations for improvement. This can be done through a combination of interviews, technical analysis, and written reports, or by total immersion within the organization.

Although many organizations aspire to meet specific industry standards such as ISO 9000 or CMMI, such a formal approach to organizational excellence is not necessarily appropriate in many cases. These standards have formal requirements, defined processes, require long document trails, and have internal and external audit requirements to demonstrate continued adherence to the standards. Our approach is to compare an organization with comparable industries to provide an assessment of where and how they might improve.

Industry Gap Analysis

Most commercial companies can benefit from understanding how they stack up against the defined standard processes in and commonly used in their industry. This information, combined with concrete recommendations for improvement, can provide for cost-effective programs to improve organizational and software excellence. American Softech provides unbiased assessments of software development and quality organizations based on broad knowledge and intimate experience with both standards and best industry practices.