Project Management

American Softech Consulting offers a range of project-focused management consulting services designed to help organizations achieve its business plan objectives. Our services are designed to be flexible to accommodate changing needs as the organization moves towards the path of project management excellence. We believe in hands-on participation, commitment, involvement and results.

At the core of American Softech Consulting’s Project Management Services are professionals who are responsible for handling project management assignments at various organizations.

American Softechunderstands that each organization has its own unique culture. We adapt our services to best suit the culture and practices of the organization. . As organization’s project management partner, we will bring solutions to help you organize for change through the effective use of project processes, technology and people.

Whether it is guidance on a new or current project; an assessment of project management capabilities; training of the project teams or staffing of qualified project management personnel, American Softech can help. We will lend and transfer our expertise to you, to empower your organization and your people.

At the core of everything American Softech does are our people. Our team of project management experts brings a wealth of accumulated business experience and maturity to every client project. Our broad professional resource network reaches across the IT, telecommunications, with domain expertise of banking and insurance, E-Leaning, Airlines, Travel to government, non-governmental organizations and post-secondary academic institutions


Organizations today are seeking to discover where they are from a project management maturity perspective and where they need to be. Each industry and indeed each individual organization, has different maturity goals. American Softech uses a three iteration model to analyze organization’s current project environment and by working with management team of the organization, arrives at a preferred level of excellence. The first iteration involves a comparison of current project management practices with commonly accepted industry standards. Our observations are refined at the second iteration with our Project Environment LEAME (Lightweight Enterprise Application Management Environment) which benchmarks current and proposed maturity levels. In the third stage we recommend the best management practice and methodology which suites enterprise and/or the running project.

Project Management Process

NGC Management team helps organizations quick start project management of single and enterprise wide projects by conducting a custom-tailored Project Management Quick Start sessions. Here are the common steps

  • Identify a high-priority project that organization must plan
  • Pull together any rough project notes, including information related to deliverables, schedule, resources, and so on.
  • Identify key project stakeholders -- sponsors, users, customers, creators, technical experts, and others.
  • Introduce project team members to a set of powerful Project Management planning tools.
  • Build consensus among project team members regarding the exact deliverables which project will produce and the work processes to be used to produce them.
  • Facilitate a series of activities in which the team creates their own custom-built project plan. This includes: 
    • Clear and concise project scope statement
    • Work breakdown structure
    • List of project activities and tasks, expressed as a network diagram
    • List of required resources
    • Project schedule
    • Project cost estimate
    • Project communications plan
    • Project staffing plan, including roles & responsibility matrix
    • Project tracking mechanisms