How American Softech IT Consulting is Different


  • It's not just technology... we have industry & applications expertise.
    Other firms tend to limit their focus and screening to resume buzzwords and neglect the importance of conceptual understanding.

  • We have senior recruiters working in house. 
    Other firms hire junior-level and offshore recruiters to cut costs & save money – but the only thing this cuts is service!

  • We have a tremendous 10+ year referral network to bring you fresh candidates that come highly recommended.

    Other firms primarily rely on job boards to send you the same candidate you can find yourself.

  • Our recruiting approach is “best-fit" vs. "first-fit” – we perform in-depth screening so we don't waste your time.

    Other firms rush to submit lots of resumes hoping to get lucky; you end up doing their screening for them! We do the job match, the skills match, the people match!

  • Our proactive account management... we remain actively involved from startup orientation to resolving potential problems before they arise.
    Other firms take a “no news is good news” approach, disappear when problems occur and only call upon you for additional business.

American Softech's services go beyond staffing. We offer complimentary advisory services to keep you abreast of changing trends in the industry. We are committed to your success and serve as your reliable and trusted business partner.