Career Path

You are important for us.

Our employees are the ones who run our business every day. We put utmost effort to make them successful on their professional as well as personal front. Our mentorship program helps our individual employees set their personal and professional goal with the help of a selected mentor.

We work out the specific training needs and targeted results we have established for them as a result of our needs’ analysis.

We attempts to have each & every employee globally get at least 40 hours or more of training. Last year we had more than 50000 man-hours of training for our staff.

We have various activities for the development of our employees. We encourage strong participation of each employee. Our employee development program focuses on following:

  • Achieving High Performance
  • Focusing On The Customer
  • Developing Others
  • Continuously Improving
  • Working Together

Leadership Council

This council is intended to charter the growth path of the company. Management team of the company meets as a part of leadership council to evaluate the historical performance of the organization and decide action plan for future growth of the organization.

Technology Council

This council is intended to monitor latest trends in the technology and how to prepare the American Softech team to deal with the challenges. Technology council members meet regularly and come up with the approach.