Quality Assurance

American Softech provides innovative, superior-quality testing solutions focusing primarily on customer needs, service, and satisfaction. Our team of Quality Assurance Analysts, Engineers and Test Development consultants, and Technology Experts work closely with our clients and their teams to build the most reliable, fair, and defensible test—supported by the strongest possible validity argument—within time and budget parameters.

We manage both manual software testing and automated software testing services. We work closely with our clients to tailor the testing services. This not only supports client’s product but also meets the needs and quality demanded. This is done with well-tracked processes. We ensure to deliver a well-managed report, in a consistent and verified format.

American Softech’s team of test engineers follows the best standards in testing and QA methodologies. We have experts test engineers who are best in the industry and have well rounded experience in following types of testing…

  • Unit Test
  • Functional Test
  • System Test
  • Performance Test
  • Integration Test
  • Beta Test